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Schunk Innovation Award

Günter Wermekes created the ‘Schunk Innovation Award’ trophy for the Schunk Innovation Contest, launched by the Schunk Group based in Heuchelheim. All of the Schunk companies from four divisions were summoned to take part in this internal competition with their innovations. The project with the best rating is then presented with the award, which has been given out annually since 2014.

The basic form of the award is based on two overlapping circles. The Schunk logo is featured on the overlapping area. This symbolises the sense of community and social interaction because “Innovation is the result of joint work,” says Günter Wermekes.

The four-part white base represents the four divisions. These form the foundations for the stainless steel rods which represent security and transparency within the company.

Schunk Innovation Award – Bild 1
Schunk Innovation Award – Bild 2