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Innovation Prize Sauerland

Sculpture symbolises innovation and movement

In 2001, Günter Wermekes designed the trophy for the ‘Innovation Prize Sauerland’ for the ‘Sauerland Initiativ’ entrepreneurs’ association. The 10,000 euro prize has been awarded to companies with exceptional innovative projects ever since.

The sculpture is 27cm high and consists of two offset tube segments in stainless steel on a rounded stainless steel base. The two vertical tube segments form a stylised ‘S’ when viewed from above. The wave-shaped arrangement of the two tube segments symbolises innovation which always triggers movement and gives impetus. Between the metals, there are rows of 24 blue spinel spheres, a synthetic gemstone. They represent water, reservoirs and rivers which give the Sauerland landscape its special charm.

In 2011, Günter Wermekes created the second version of the sculpture. The spinel balls have disappeared but stainless steel as a metal remains. And the designer again makes the being of each innovation evident in the sculpture: 43 stainless steel rounded bars are arranged on a black Plexiglas plate to form an S-shaped transparent shape which remains open from above. Moving around the sculpture or rotating it in your hands creates a so-called moiré effect from the overlapping of lines. “Movement and dynamism at their simplest are suggested as a result”.

Sculpture symbolises innovation and movement – Bild 1
Sculpture symbolises innovation and movement – Bild 2