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2018 Shows

The concentration on the essential

1990 we went public at the Frankfurt Trade Fair presenting our ”Stainless Steel + Diamonds“ jewellery collection for the first time to an international audience of specialists. Other national and international trade fairs followed. Numerous exhibitions have contributed to spread the word about both the collection and our design principles. The circle of lovers grew, and, to extend the metaphor, we have had several “affairs“ with materials like wood, rust, gold and colour gemstones. They were integrated in the collection that has kept growing. Now, after 28 years, we have come up with the decision to present an exclusive selection of pieces, more or less the essence of the collection, in a context, which mirrors the power and consistency of our jewellery design:

The concentration on the essential.

These well-chosen pieces of jewellery in their timeless design continue to be convincing. They keep progressing on their just cause to a fine reputation of classical state-of-the-art jewellery. In the course of this year we will be presenting an exclusive selection of our jewellery collection in different settings.

The concentration on the essential – Bild 1
The concentration on the essential – Bild 2
The concentration on the essential – Bild 3
The concentration on the essential – Bild 4