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Forum Factory of the Future

Wermekes’ sculpture conveys meaning

Günter Wermekes created a 21cm high stainless steel sculpture for the Junior Chamber Lüdenscheid. The award has been presented to speakers taking part in the ‘Forum Factory of the Future’ as a thank you since 2007.

The design of the sculpture is based on baton and links in with the central role of the Junior Chamber Associations: to pass knowledge and responsibility on from one generation to the next. The delicate columns forming the shape symbolise industrial architecture and make it clear that stability is created from the sum of things. The movement of the rods represents dynamism, the foundations of any company. And the transparency between the rods is indicative of the meaning of the forum: the speakers provide insight into what they do. The cut-out detail of the column form constitutes a forum. And a pleasant feel is created.

Wermekes’ sculpture conveys meaning – Bild 1
Wermekes’ sculpture conveys meaning – Bild 2